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Unique!  All Australian!


Come visit one of North Queensland's  best loved tourist attractions.   


The Ayr Nature Display was conceived and arranged by Jess and Allan Ey.  The display was opened to the public in 1966.   The experience begins as you walk past feature walls decorated with North Queensland rocks at the front and the entrance of the display. 9,400 slabs cut with a lapidary saw were used. After traversing the entrance, you will walk into an exceptional display of thousands of specimens housed amazingly in a 4.9 metre by 28.4 metre room.

The Ayr Nature Display is Australia's finest, preserved collection of butterflies, moths, beetles, crustaceans, sea shells, reptiles, rocks, timber, aboriginal stone implements and fossils, especially ammonites, all under one roof.


Wonder how one man could possibly have the time and patience to arrange, on the ceiling, 1,310 butterflies made from North Queensland rocks, slabbed by a diamond saw, shaped with a tile cutter and smoothed off on an emery wheel.

Ayr Nature Display. Welcoming Sign

See the Well of Butterflies containing 1,220 specimens all collected in the Burdekin district.  


Marvel at Australia's largest insects. Specimens of the Hercules moth, the native cockroach (geoscapheus giganteus) and the stick insect, 32cm in length, can be viewed in the display.


Admire the variety of Australian shells on display including the dangerous textile cone found along the coastline in North Queensland's warm, tropical waters.


Be amazed by the crab display that consists of more than 400 specimens.


There is much more to be fascinated by in this truly unique display.


Phone: 07 4783 2189




119 Wilmington Street

Ayr, Qld 4807 

Text Lorraine for

opening details on:0447 445 990

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